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An employee, here after known as the attendant who works within the mechanic shop, is undertaking a task in the servicing of a vehicle. He spots a defect which he attempts to draw to the owner’s attention.

The supervisor while passing, sees the attendant conversing with the customer in the supposedly restricted area. The supervisor proceeds to humiliate the attendant by shouting to him that persons are not allowed within the area.

The supervisor then threatens to issue a warning letter to the employee. The embarrassed customer complaints to the management for the behavior of the supervisor and threatens to with draw his business in the future.


1. Identified the issues in this case?

2. As the manager how would you handle this matter?

3. Are there grounds to bring a disciplinary charge against the supervisor?

4. Is the threat of a warning letter to be entertained against the attendant?

5. What measures are required to be put in place to prevent a reoccurrence of such an incidence?

(January, 2016) Regional Management Services Inc.

Case Study

Subject: Negotiating a Contract of Employment

An employee who is hourly paid worker, is irregular in attendance to work. In one work week, the employee does not report for work on two consecutive days.

Management records the absences, and responds by not paying the employee for the absent days.

The employee on had called the employer to indicate nonattendance to work, but offered no excuse or explanation for their absence.

On recognizing that no pay was made for the two absent days, the employee confronts management and argues for paid, on the grounds that these were sick leave days.

Management refuses and the employee takes the matter to the union.


1. Does the employer has a case to answer and on what grounds?

2. Does the employee in your view has a case and what arguments would you use to defend it?

3. As the trade union representative what advice would you give to the employees on a matter such as this?

(January, 2016) Regional Management Services Inc.

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